Maduro to Send Letter Denouncing US Sanctions Signed by Millions of Venezuelans to UN

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CARACAS – Venezuela just decided to step up its struggle against US aggression and take the ball to the international court. Venezuela will submit a letter decrying US sanctions, signed by millions of Venezuelans, to the United Nations, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said.

“This is a manifest to the United Nations and to Secretary-General Antonio Guterres which we will send out with signatures of millions of Venezuelans,” Maduro stated on Thursday, according to Sputnik.

The only legitimate Venezuelan president also called on his compatriots to join protests against hostile policies of the administration of US President Donald Trump, which was planned to be held on Saturday. Washington, which has been seeking ways to depose Maduro and install the opposition leader, self-styled “President” Juan Guaido, whom it has endorsed, has introduced multiple rounds of completely illegal economic and diplomatic sanctions against Venezuela.

Particularly, on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump issued an executive order to freeze assets held by the government of Venezuela in the United States. Moreover, Trump has promised to impose an economic blockade on Venezuela. UN Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet has warned that the US sanctions on Venezuela would have a severe financial impact on the country.

Apart from sanctions, US agents have been staging sabotages of Venezuelan power supply and other critically important systems, depriving millions of the most basic infrastructure. This tactic is a proven way Washington has been using to create instability or even led to a civil war, intending to create a humanitarian disaster, with the blame put on the legal government.

This would give the US a pretext to invade the country, after which the big corporate businesses move in and start exploiting the natural resources, as well as the impoverished people. It’s a quite common scenario used in dozens of other countries around the world.

This forces the most educated part of the population to leave the country and head for the West. The remaining population struggles as most taxpayers who invested their hard work into the new generation of young and educated people are deprived of their potential contribution, as those people are forced to leave.

Venezuela has been fighting this blatant form of US imperialism for decades already and the struggle continues to this day. Truly independent nations give full support to Venezuela and its people, with Russia and China leading the charge.

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