MAJOR: DNR Intelligence – Ukrainians Planning a Breakthrough in Donetsk


DONBASS – Ukrainian Armed Formations are transferring troops to Mariupol. This was announced by the head of the press service of the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) People’s Police Directorate Daniil Bezsonov, referring to intelligence data of the DNR special services.

“Our intelligence continues to record the buildup of enemy forces in Mariupol and the surrounding area. Currently, the enemy, taking advantage of the truce on our part, continues to carry out repairs of its fortifications, as well as transport of new equipment to their positions. In addition, with the aim of overcoming the engineering barriers in our battle formations, the invading forces have deployed the UR-77 Meteorit (Meteorite) mine-clearing vehicle to the front line,” he said.

Bezsonov clarified that at present, self-propelled reactive clearance units have been recorded in the settlements of Novoselovka, Talakovka, and Orlovskoye. He added the intelligence shows that three mobile groups of the 83rd center of the Naval Forces of Ukraine have been deployed to the Mariupol area. To check the battle-readiness of the 35th and 36th Marine Corps brigades and make sure they fulfill their mission, the special commission of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine have arrived and are working at the locations of the deployed units.

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In addition, at 19:40 on Saturday,  it was reported that as a result of the shelling of Kominternovo, during which 120 mm mortars, automatic grenade launchers, and small arms fire were recorded, a house on the Chernyakhovsky Street was destroyed, with the surrounding buildings damaged by the ensuing fire. Later, the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin made an emergency statement, announcing the death of two DPR servicemen as a result of shelling by the UAF (Ukrainian Armed Forces).

The current situation, with shelling continuing unabated and with mine-clearing vehicles being deployed, it’s safe to assume Ukrainian troops are planning an all-out attack. Earlier, the commanders of the DNR and LNR troops have reiterated that any attempts to break through the contact line will result in a decisive counterattack and even the liberation of Mariupol from the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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