MAJOR: Explosion hits military installation in Russia

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KAMENKA, Russia – An explosion occurred Friday at a military facility located in Siberia in the Russian Krasnoyarsk region, leaving at least eight injured, local officials said.

The incident took place in an ammunition depot near the town of Achinsk in the village of Kamenka. The scene had been the scene of another disaster last Monday, when a series of explosions and fires left one dead and 13 injured.

This time, an explosion was recorded during the movement of a freight train, which eventually broke several windows and caused several shrapnel.

“Five were removed from the scene, four of whom were hospitalized. All are in stable condition. They suffered barotraumas and shrapnel injuries,” a source said. Later, the number of injured was updated to eight.

Apparently, today’s tragedy was a consequence of what happened earlier this week. According to local sources, a projectile fired during maintenance work aimed at demining and neutralizing the consequences of the first emergency, hitting a train car and injuring staff. Due to this new event, rail services were suspended in the region.

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After the accident on Monday, Russian authorities decided to declare an emergency and about 16,000 people were evacuated within 20 kilometers of the epicenter of the blast.

The press office of the Central Military Command reported that a storehouse of explosive cargo for artillery ammunition had flared and the facility personnel had been evacuated.

Three adults and one child are among those injured following the explosions, according to figures provided by the regional emergency service.

This phenomenon has also been hitting Ukraine. In Ukraine there have been several fires in military depots. In March 2017, in the Kharkiv region, an arsenal was set on fire, causing one death, five injuries and the destruction of almost 70% of the stored weapons. In the fall, as a result of another explosion in a storehouse, 30,000 people were evacuated. In May 2018, a military depot set fire to the surrounding pasture, triggering a state of emergency.

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