MAJOR: Syrian Army restarts operation to eliminate terrorists in Idlib


IDLIB – Syrian Armed Forces have restarted military operation in Idlib, reports Ikhbariya television channel citing a statement from the Syrian Armed Forces General Command.

Due to militants’ failure to comply with the previously established ceasefire and Ankara’s Russian-Turkish Sochi accords, the Syrian army is restarting its military operation against terrorist groups in Idlib province, according to the statement of the Syrian Armed Forces command.

“Based on the ceasefire agreement and Ankara’s terms of compliance with the Sochi agreements, this has not happened despite Syria’s efforts to do so. Therefore, the Army and the Armed Forces are resuming their military operation against terrorist groups of different denominations. They will answer any aggression on the basis of its constitutional responsibility to protect the Syrian people and ensure their safety,” the statement said.

Problematic region

Idlib remains the most troubled region – Syrian government forces still do not control it. The confrontation between the Bashar Assad Army, the opposition and the terrorists continues in this province.

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In total, according to different data, there are about 30,000 militants in Idlib province, including foreign mercenaries.

The situation is made even more complex by the traditional difficulty in dialogue between Syria and Turkey. Damascus considers that Ankara has occupied part of the country and demands that the occupied territories be freed.

On September 17, 2018, the Russian and Turkish defense ministers signed in Sochi a memorandum on stabilizing the situation in the Idlib descaling zone and agreed to establish a demilitarized zone in this province of Syria. However, there are known cases of attacks by Turkey against positions of Syrian forces in this region.

The northwestern Idlib province is home to several groups, including the Turkish-backed National Liberation Front and the terrorist group Al-Nusra Front. It is estimated that 30,000 militants, including foreign mercenary fighters, are currently operating in the region.

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