Modern-day Croatia is a carbon copy of the WW II monstrous Independent State of Croatia (WARNING, VERY DISTURBING IMAGES)

By Grey Carter


No photo description available.Can you imagine one hundred thousand adults and children dressed as SS and Hitlerjugend members, shouting: Sieg Heil and singing about the glory of Auschwitz?
Or can you imagine German chancellor and President singing songs in the glory of Auschwitz, like Croatian president Grabar Kitarović did a few days ago in Knin, the former capital of the Republic of Srpska Krajina? Can you imagine Germany celebrate
the day when Hitler announced that they were successful in the Final solution of the Jewish question while the highest EU, US, NATO representatives clap and salute?




Very possible.

That’s exactly what happens in Croatia, the very first completely resurrected Nazi state ever.


Children dressed as monstrous Ustasha troops.

Since Croatia is an EU member, then, ipso facto,  it’s EU that glorifies Nazism, death camps, Jasenovac and Gradiška Stara, murdering of Serbs, Jews and Roma people.

This is one of the greatest evergreen hits by neo Ustashi ‘musician’ Thompson. Lyrics translation:

Ustasa children-41
Stara Gradiška camp, adored and admired in Croatia

Jasenovac and Stara Gradiska
That’s the house of Maks’ butchers.

There was a slaughterhouse in Chaplyina
Neretva carried away many Serbs.

Hey, Neretva, flow downhill,
Carry Serbs into the blue Adriatic.

Through Imotski trucks rush
Driving black uniforms of Jure Francetic

I am Ustasha and so was my father,
Father left craft to his son.

Who could imagine last year
That Partisans would celebrate Christmas.

Who said, his father f*** him
That Black Legion is not coming back.

Jasenovac and Stara Gradishka
That’s the house of Maks’ butchers.

A shining star above Metkovich;
Send our greetings to Ante Pavelich.

Hear the monstrous songs here:

You can hear the intro where the obscure ‘musician’ says, following images of Jasenovac that the above song was sung by their grandfathers and have been proud of it…
Very ‘European”!

This is Jasenovac:

Today’s Independent State of Croatia has the same as NAZI Independent State of Croatia /1941 – 1945/:
National Emblem
National Anthem
Uniforms (Nazi black shirts)
Pure-blooded police
Nazi terminology of WWII
State-sponsored atrocities toward Serbian civilians are the same.
The conclusion is: If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

The Croatian Fuehrer Ante Pavelic

Young Croats  – the Croatian Nazism has been tolerated for decades:


The following video clearly shows the Neo-Nazi Croatian singer’s fans sporting Nazi symbols. Throughout the performance, a giant flag bearing an inscription “Imotski HR U” can be seen. Imotski is the name of a WWII-era Nazi stronghold, while HR stands for “Hrvatska” (literally Croatia). However, the last part is the most sinister one. The “U” stands for “Ustasha”, who are known for unimaginable cruelty while killing Serb, Jewish and Roma civilians. They were probably the cruellest element of both Serbocide and Holocaust.


The most notorious was the Death camp for Serbian and Jewish, Roma children.  It was recorded that Antun Najžer, Croat and doctor, was murdering Orthodox (Serbian) children en masse by injecting them poison.

No photo description available.
WWII, Independent State of Croatia: One Croat is taking off golden teeth from massacred Serbian women

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

This photo shows Serbs, victims of Franjo Tudjman’s neo-Ustashe Nazi troops. The victim’s name was Zoran Pavlovic and he was axed to death by modern-day Croatian “skull crushers”, killed on November 19, 1991, at 74 Nikole Demonje Street, Vukovar, Croatia. He was positively identified by surviving relatives. These revisited Holocaust crimes against the Serbs were discounted by the Western corporate-controlled media as “Serb paranoia”, however, these photographs clearly reveal the demonic nature of such Croatian Ustashe Nazi war crimes.

May 5, 1995: Serbian civilian killed by Tudjman’s Croat army forces in an unprovoked and pre-planned attack on the so-called “United Nations Protected Area” in Western Slavonia, Krajina during the ethnic cleansing operation of Krajina Serbs, dubbed as “Operation Flash”. Image may contain: one or more peopleDespite Krajina being declared a “UN Protected Area”, this murderous attack on the Krajina Serbs by Tudjman’s troops did not result in UN-imposed economic sanctions or the bombing of Croatia by NATO. This is hardly surprising, since the US government under Bill Clinton, and the German government under Chancellor Helmut Kohl, were busy funding, arming, training and directing Tudjman’s neo-Ustashe Croat army against the Krajina Serbs. Here is a quote from the editorial in “Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy” magazine Volume 23, No.4 (May 5,1995), concerning the article entitled “Croatia Hits UN, Serb areas” [“Operation Flash”] by ISSA president, Gregory Copley:

[Quote]: “It was clear that Croatia wanted all foreign observers out of the way so that it could undertake a further campaign of ethnic cleansing against their own countrymen of Serbian origin. We use the words “ethnic cleansing” because the phrase and the policy was invented by the Croatians themselves.

“In any event, the war resumed in April in Croatia [Krajina].
The Croats, we know from independent UN and other testimony took men, women and children from the Serb area which they conquered [Western Slavonija] and executed about 1,000 of them. Croatian troops were seen holding the severed heads of women and children”.
[End Quote]
Image may contain: 1 personThis is a photo of three-year-old Serbian boy who was shot dead while hiding in the cellar at 72 Nikola Demonja Street, Vukovar, Croatia. His mother and father, Sladjana and Miroslav Cecavac, were also brutally killed by Tudjman’s neo-Ustashe Nazi troops. This 3-year-old Serbian child was labelled a “Serbian aggressor” by Tudjman’s HDZ neo-Ustashe Croatian government and the Western corporate-controlled media. In order to stop his so-called ”aggression”, the so-called ”brave” Croatian neo-Ustashe soldiers put a bullet in the back of his head, which exited from the front of his skull. In the war in Croatia and Bosnia, by mid-1994, 7,000 Serbian children were killed: twice as many as Croatian and Muslim children combined. If, God forbid, this was your child, what would you do to his killers? (From: “The Suppressed Serbian Voice And The Free Press In America” By William Dorich, 1994 – p 30)

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Updated Aug 9, 2019

In the meantime, in the settlement of Gornja Vežica in Rijeka, on 08/08/2019, the following invitation  (rather an annunciation) were written in two locations:
“In the spring when the willow blooms,
we will make peppers from the Serbs”
with the unavoidable letters “U” and “Ustaše Vežica”

Graffiti “Kill a Serb” and  ”(Hang) Serbs on the Willows” were also spotted at the entrance to the municipality of Ervenik, as well as “NDH” (Acronym of the WW II  Independent State of Croatia monster state) reports the News Portal.

In addition, the signboard at the entrance to Ervenik was damaged by the Ustasha ‘U’ graphiti.
The police conducted an investigation.
(B92, Magacin portal)

Original link:

Modern-day Croatia is a carbon copy of the WW II monstrous Independent State of Croatia


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