More than 130 people arrested after the demonstration in central Moscow

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MOSCOW – Moscow police reported detaining 136 people after the demonstration in central Moscow on Saturday.

This week, the Moscow government has released two demonstrations on August 10 and 11 on Sakharov Academic Avenue, with an estimated up to 100,000 people expected at each event.

According to police data, about 20,000 people attended the act. Already the protest organizers reported the presence of 50,000 protesters. At the end of the day, protest organizers canceled Sunday’s act.

“A total of 136 people were arrested after committing offenses during an uncoordinated demonstration in central Moscow,” police said.

Protests are being held since mid-July in the Russian capital . The acts were called by opposition politicians, who were denied registration in the elections to the Moscow legislature scheduled for September 8.

Previous demonstrations were not authorized by the Moscow authorities and protests resulted in the arrest of hundreds of protesters . Most have been released. Some of the protest organizers, however, are expected to remain in prison until the end of September.

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It must be kept in the mind that Moscow City Council authorized a protest on May 5 on Sakharov Avenue with a limited number of participants (up to 15,000), but one of the organizers, opposition politician Aleksei Navalny, called for a parade on Tverskaya Street in on the eve of the inauguration of President Vladimir Putin.

The Muscovite authorities, on the other hand, described such appeals as a provocation and said that if the protest was held, security forces would act in accordance with the law. The organization warned Navalny against breaking the law, while Russian children’s rights advocate Anna Kuznetsova called not to “manipulate children involved in protest actions.”

Navalny himself was arrested at Pushkinskaya Square while giving a speech to his supporters.

Similar protests are taking place in other cities in Russia, some of them authorized by city halls.

For now, there is no official data on the number of arrests in Moscow and other cities, while non-governmental organizations like OVD-Info report on more than 150 arrests in the capital and more than 500 nationwide.

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