‘My 1st goal is to restore my good name’: journalist Vyshinsky after release in Ukraine

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KIEV – Yesterday, journalist Kirill Vyshinsky, head of the RIA Novosti Ukraine portal, was released by the Kiev Court of Appeal after being detained for over 400 days.

In his first interview after his release, the journalist related his release to Pyotr Poroshenko’s removal from the post of President of Ukraine, which put an end to pressure on the judges and altered Poroshenko’s “crazy project” of a possible exchange of Vyshinsky for another prisoner held by Russian-backed militias in eastern Ukraine.

The journalist was released yesterday, however he has an obligation to appear in court or to investigators whenever requested.

The next trial session of your case is scheduled for September 16.

In his interview, Vyshinsky shared ideas about his upcoming plans and what he intends to do first.

“My plans are simple, they relate to my court case. That’s what I had said before and stated [yesterday] in court: my first goal is to restore my good name, and prove my innocence in court, that is my main plan for the near future,” said the journalist.

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The release of the journalist coincided with the preparations for the exchange of prisoners, which is much talked about, but Kirill Vyshinsky refutes the idea that it is a change.

“I’ve always said that ‘change’ is a word that was spoken even before I was handed over [the papers] that I was suspected of committing certain crimes. It was a phrase used by politicians close to Poroshenko in May of last year. “I consider myself to be absolutely innocent, and my guilt has not been proven by any court – so I am not talking about exchange,” said the journalist.

“What I want is for the court to change my measure of coercion so that I am released, I want to continue to demonstrate my innocence in court. The ‘exchange’ is not something I was looking for. That was the crazy bill imposed by the administration of the former president, at least as far as I am concerned,” Vyshinsky said.

The head of the portal RIA Novosti Ukraine was arrested in Kiev on May 15, 2018, accused of supporting the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic and treason.

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