PUTIN EVERYWHERE: 60 Airports to be Renovated, Kursk Already Undergoing Restoration for Millennial Anniversary, WorldSkills Vocational Forum Takes Place in Kazan (VIDEOS)


Saratov, Russia – Today, Russian President  Vladimir Putin arrived at Saratov, the largest city and the administrative center of the Saratov Oblast and a major port on the Volga River located upstream (north) of Volgograd (formerly known as Stalingrad). His plane landed at the new Gagarin International Airport, which opened exactly a week ago. From that moment, it had already managed to serve more than 12,000 passengers. This large facility is the result of public and private partnership in the development program of Russia’s transportation system. The president congratulated all those involved in this project.

Russian authorities, partnered with the private sector, have embarked on large-scale, nationwide restoration projects, rebuilding and overhauling the country’s still mostly Soviet-era infrastructure. Roads, bridges, buildings, entire residential areas, etc are soon to be rebuilt. With the highly successful 2011-2020 rearmament program nearing its completion and thus ensuring Russia’s safety, the country has significantly reduced its military spending and allocated the savings to other sectors of the economy.

The next day, Putin was already in Kursk Oblast, where the third set of buildings at Russia’s largest oncology center will be commissioned in the immediate future. This is what the oblast’s acting governor, Roman Starovoit, told the president. In addition, the region’s ambulances fleet will be completely overhauled. The president, in his turn, called upon the government to be more proactive in providing housing accommodation to doctors. The conversation, however, wasn’t only about healthcare.

From there, Vladimir Putin went back to Zhukovsky and then proceeded to Kazan. The WorldSkills closing ceremony was held there last tonight. The vocational olympiad attracted over 1,300 participants from all regions of Russia. They competed in 56 areas.

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