Putin’s Take on the US-China Trade War and Prospects of Russia’s Economy (VIDEO)


MOSCOW – Will the American-Chinese fight hit Russia and is Russia ready to repel this blow? As Russian President Vladimir Putin put it, Russia, although a military superpower, isn’t quite yet ready to get into the big fight with such economic giants like China and the United States. He explained this by quoting an ancient Chinese proverb:

“When tigers fight in the valley, a smart monkey waits for the outcome.”

Putin, known for his humorous stunts, caused widespread laughter among the audience, but at the same time, he honestly outlined what would be Russia’s stance when it comes to picking sides in this fight, thus confirming that, despite the West trying to portray it as Beijing’s junior partner, Russia has its own way and that the country’s interests come first. Of course, as stated many times before, Russia will continue close cooperation with anyone willing to do so, as the example of Turkey has shown recently.

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