‘Raqqa executioner’: ISIS terrorist who executed over 100 people is arrested


RAQQA – The Kurdish-led militias from the Syrian Democratic Forces have arrested Anouar Haddouchi, a terrorist from Daesh (ISIS) of Belgian origin, accused of killing more than 100 people in the Syrian city of Raqqa.

According to a report in the Belgian newspaper De Morgen, the 35-year-old man was arrested with his wife.

“He is currently being held in a Syrian Democratic Forces prison after being detained with his wife Julie Maes by the Kurdish forces,” it said.

Anouar Haddouch is also known as Abou Souleymen al Belgiki. Having a reputation as a killer, he is supposed to be nicknamed the “Raqqa executioner.” Haddouch is also investigated by the Belgian authorities for allegedly contributing to the financing of terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels.

Haddouch left Belgium and migrated to the British city of Birmingham ten years ago in 2009.

Together with his wife, he went to Syria to join Daesh in 2014, but Birmingham authorities continued to transfer allegedly used housing resources to the couple’s account.

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In total, the couple received 10,000 pounds. According to the newspaper, these funds were used to fund the Daesh terrorist group.

Last year, a lawyer and councilor in Raqqa said that he was responsible for more than 100 beheadings. “He called himself Abou Souleymen Belgiki,” said Ibrahim al-Faraj then to La Libre Belgique and RTL Info. “His specialty: chopping people’s heads off. And he urged the locals to look at those beheading on the central market square in Raqqa.”

At the moment it is not known whether he will be tried in Belgium, France or Syria itself, where he is at risk of death penalty.

Raqqa fell into the hands of Syrian jihadist forces in 2013 and was then captured by Daesh, which proclaimed the city as the capital of its so-called caliphate. In 2016, the Syrian Democratic Forces, led by the Kurds and supported by the US-led coalition, began a campaign to win back the city from the terrorists. The operation culminated in the Battle of Raqqa in 2017, with the Kurdish-led militias eventually gaining control over the city.

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