RUSSIA IS A SUPERPOWER: These people made it happen (VIDEO)


MOSCOW – For almost 1,200 years of its existence, Russia has been through a lot. Oftentimes, when speaking of Russia’s long list of victories which ensured its survival for so long, we speak of the top-notch technologies which made it happen. The more malicious ones who want to downplay those victories and Russia’s strength, often attribute it all to “lucky” set of circumstances, bad weather, Russia’s vastness, or just outright ignore Russia’s massive and crucial accomplishments and contributions to the humankind. But who really made it all possible? The answer is quite simple: Russians.

From the Ancient Rus to the Russian Federation. The country has seen many kinds of joys and sorrows. But whatever happened—interventions or revolutions, Napoleon or Hitler, glorious victories in the 20th century or Crimea’s homecoming in the 21st century— all of it is Russia’s eternal struggle for the assertion of its sovereignty. Russia has never seen easy times. It has always been difficult. But it starts advancing only after it has come to the edge. And it was always not because of but in spite of difficulties, be it in the trenches of war or the workplace. Russian people, as if they were born to overcome, start to do miracles of creativeness. That’s when Russia’s time begins.

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