Russia starts large-scale exercises in the Baltic Sea

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Russia will conduct large-scale naval maneuvers in the Baltic Sea from August 1 to 9 involving more than 10,000 troops, 49 warships and 58 aircraft, the Russian Ministry of Defense said.

“From August 1-9, under the direction of Navy Commander Nikolai Yevmenov, the Ocean Shield 2019 operational maneuvers will take place in the waters of the Baltic Sea,” according to a statement.

The ministry statement said that for naval exercises, “49 combat ships and speedboats, 20 maintenance boats, 58 Navy and Aerospace Force aircraft and 10,634 military personnel from the Russian Armed Forces are deployed.”

In the simulations, “it is planned to test the readiness of the Navy to defend Russia’s national interests and to practice the techniques of commanding the fleet forces,” the text underlines.

It is said that most of the vessels participating in maneuvers corresponds to participating in the parade commemorating the Day of the National Navy, held in Russia on July 28.

This comes as only weeks ago a Russian Pacific Fleet ship fired at a surface maritime target – a large naval shield at a distance of over 60 kilometers.

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The shot was fired at a target on the surface of the sea, simulating an enemy ship, which in this case was a large maritime shield that was located at a distance of more than 60 kilometers from the destroyer.

Moreover, in the statement issued by the Russian Pacific Fleet Press Service, it was noted that another launch of an anti-ship missile had been made from the R-24 missile launch.

Naval aviation pilots also made their presence in their own exercises by maneuvering on MiG-31 high-altitude fighters, as well as on an A-50 airborne warning and control aircraft.

Upon receiving data on the launch of the missiles and their flight parameters from the A-50 aircraft, the MiG-31 fighters successfully began monitoring the missiles and were prepared, if ordered, to shoot them with air to air missiles.

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