Russia: US uses ‘cyberattack’ pretext to carry out military operations


MOSCOW – Russian Security Council deputy secretary Oleg Khramov said on Wednesday that the United States accused other countries of carrying out cyber attacks to justify launching military operations against them.

In an interview published in the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper, Khramov said the US was trying to make the charges look legitimate.

“The goal is obvious: to legalize the possibility of carrying out not only cyber attacks but also military operations against undesirable countries, including the use of the nuclear arsenal,” he said.

The deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council said the US “insists that a group of countries can unilaterally issue sentences for cyber attacks.”

Khramov lamented that “Washington and its allies understand the problem of geopolitically safe use of computing and communication technologies and their interests.”

“All those who are not your political allies are accused of cyber attack,” he said.

He added that the US and its allied countries know that it is very difficult to identify the source of a cyber attack.

“They agree that any country can be found guilty and, based on the right of self-defense stipulated in the UN Charter, argue for the possibility of taking response measures,” he said.

It was revealed back in June in the New York Times, citing a government source, that US intelligence services are intensifying hacker attacks on Russian power grids.

According to the publication, Washington has been trying to infiltrate programs that can collect information about Russian electricity grids and supposedly insert systems that are aggressive.

The assumption of the source cited is that this indicates that the actions are a kind of alert and part of a cyber attack plan should relations between Moscow and Washington become completely hostile.

According to the publication, it is impossible to assess the extent to which the US has managed to infiltrate Russian energy systems and the extent to which it can “cause a blackout” across the country or to paralyze its armed forces.

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