‘Russia will think twice’: Poland BEGS for US troops to rise in his country


WARSAW – Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz has stated that it is better to set up US troops in Poland than in Western Europe to stop Russia.

According to the minister, the presence of US forces in Poland “plays a very important, dissuasive role, much more important than their presence in the West.”

“Russia will think twice before resorting to military means if she sees international forces, especially US forces in Poland,” said Czaputowicz minister, quoted by the portal Polsat.

The minister expressed hope that the US will specify the troop deployment plan in Western Europe during Donald Trump’s next visit to Poland.

US plans

Earlier, the US suggested increasing the military contingent in Poland by 2,000 men at the expense of German-based forces. The idea was explained by the fact that Germany refused to increase its defense spending by up to two percent of GDP.

The US ambassador to Germany claims it is offensive to expect US taxpayers to continue to pay for thousands of US military personnel in Germany. However, the US ambassador to Poland stressed that the country is fulfilling its obligations to NATO.

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For its part, the Polish defense minister responded positively to the US president’s proposal, saying that Warsaw will provide the US with six locations for troop installations, mainly near the eastern border of the country.

In response, Russia has also promised to strengthen its military presence on the country’s western borders.

Meanwhile, Raytheon has won an agreement to reform naval warships for the United States, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia, the US Department of Defense said in a press release.

The agreement features purchases for the US, UK and Saudi Arabian governments.

CIWS is a fast-reacting defense terminal against low-speed and high-speed maneuvering anti-ship missile threats that penetrate all other defenses, the Department of Defense explained.

The CIWS Phalanx System operates a 20mm radar-guided Vulcan cannon and the US Navy uses it on most of its surface combat classes.

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