Russian 6th Generation Strategic Bomber Rated by US Media


MOSCOW – American magazine The National Interest analyzes the characteristics of the future sixth generation Russian bomber – the PAK DA.

It is a completely new aircraft, developed based on modern solutions. The bomber will have advanced stealth features and an improved piloting system and combat capabilities.

In analyzing the technical characteristics of the future bomber, newspaper columnist Mark Episkopos highlighted the most impressive part of the aircraft.

The columnist explained that most surprising aspect of PAK DA is how close it is to being operational. The first prototype is expected to appear in 2021-2022 and the experimental flight is scheduled for 2025-2026 and serial deliveries will begin in 2028-2029.

The bomber will be equipped with missiles with a range of up to 7,000 kilometers that will be able to analyze weather and radar conditions. They are expected to be able to pick targets during flight and change their path independently to evade the radar.

Military observer and reserve colonel Viktor Baranets highlighted some particularities of the future 6th generation bomber .

“This aircraft is not the development of previous models – it is a completely new model being built virtually from scratch. All the best innovations that have been developed in the field of military aeronautics to date will be applied to this aircraft,” said Baranets.

“He [bomber] will fly at supersonic speeds up to 15,000 kilometers [so far no other aircraft in the world has the capability to fly this distance], it can be armed with all sorts of missiles and bombs available to the army it can even be used as a satellite launch pad. The aircraft will not be lightweight, with full equipment and maximum load it will weigh 145 tons. It is worth noting that everything from the first screw to the last will be manufactured in Russian military industry companies,” added the military observer.

The modernized Tu-160 and Tu-22M3 bombers will remain in service as they receive new weapons, as the PAK DA bomber was not designed to replace them completely.

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