Russian Air Force Training: Jets Landing on Roads, Su-57 Performing Insane Flight Moves (VIDEOS)


Tatarstan, Russia – Fourteen combat aircraft showed high pilotage skills in Tatarstan today. A group of fighter-bombers Su-34 and a transport An-26 landed right on a highway. Why was it even necessary to convert a highway into a temporary field airbase? The following video gives us a hint:

And while the Su-34 multirole fighter-bombers and An-26 military transport planes land right on a highway, another Russian bird of prey continues to impress. Of course, we’re talking about the Su-57, Russia’s first fifth-generation, stealthy, supermaneuverable multirole/air-superiority platform, design to defeat all other fifth-generation fighters, including the USAF F-22 Raptor.

This time, supermaneuverability was the highlight of Su-57’s impeccable performance. You’ll see exclusive footage of the incredible feat. The pilot of Russia’s (and probably world’s) most advanced jet, the Su-57 fighter, managed to perform an extremely difficult maneuver – flat spin – during a training flight. This dangerous stunt shows not just the amazing skills of Russia’s pilots but also the ingenuity of its engineers.

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