Russian Black Sea Fleet Corvettes Test Out Kalibr Missiles (VIDEO)


Sevastopol, Russia – A Kalibr cruise missile was launched in the Black Sea. The missile was launched by the Vyshny Volochek missile corvette as part of the Black Sea Fleet exercises. The Vyshny Volochek is a Buyan-class small artillery and missile corvette developed by Zelenodolsk Design Bureau for the Russian Navy. Since 2010, all subsequent vessels are being built to the improved Buyan-M subclass standard, incorporating greater tonnage, stealth technology, as well as the Kalibr or P-800 Oniks supersonic missile systems, which significantly enhances the combat capabilities of the ships.

The ships of this class are primarily designed for operations within littoral zones to protect Russia’s vast coastal areas. Due to their small tonnage, they can operate even within shallow parts of oceans and seas, as well as within Russia’s extensive and elaborate river system. The export variant is known as the Tornado. With Buyan-class being a very affordable, yet lethal design, Russia has decided to step up the production of these vessels. It is estimated that, in the very near future, these corvettes will be able to launch Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles, which would further enhance their lethality and general combat characteristics, even against much larger and more expensive vessels.

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