Russian company begins judicial process to terminate contract with Boeing


MOSCOW – Russian company Avia Capital Services filed legal proceedings against the US company Boeing to terminate the contract to purchase 35 737 Max aircraft, the Financial Times newspaper reported.

In the lawsuit filed with the Cook County Court in Chicagom it is said that Boeing ‘intentionally’ hid information about Max’s navigability from its customers, including Avia (Capital Services), to get them to buy their plane. he wrote. means, medium.

According to their data, the two companies agreed to purchase 35 US 737 Max aircraft by Russia until their flights were banned worldwide last March.

It is claimed that currently Avia Capital Services wants to cancel the order and recover the $35 million deposit with interest, as well as get Boeing to reward $75 million of lost benefits.

In total, the Russian company demands compensation from the US $115 million, Financial Times reported.

It is added that Avia Capital Services said that two recent catastrophes involving 737 Max were caused by negligent actions and decisions of Boeing both in the development of this type of aircraft and in the hiding of essential information to regulators.

The lawyer of Avia Capital Services, Steven Marks, of the company Podhurst Orseck, revealed to the Financial Times that Boeing proposed to pay compensation, although the Russian company considered it insufficient.

He added that other Boeing customers contacted him to discuss the possibility of filing similar lawsuits.

Two Boeing 737 Max planes crashed in less than five months, in March in Ethiopia and in October 2018 in Indonesia, causing the death of a total of 346 people.

Both accidents occurred within minutes of takeoff, and black box data indicates that the pilots struggled with the flight control system.

US regulators and aviation authorities from dozens of other countries have ordered the 737 Max model, the newest of Boeing, to be grounded.

Preliminary research suggests that the pilots had difficulties with the MCAS stabilizer software (Maneuvering Character Enhancement System) and failed to regain control of the aircraft.

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