Russian Military Training Bridge Layers in Central Military District (VIDEO)


Abakan, Russia – The Central Military District is holding a large-scale military logistics exercise. The objective of the exercise was to build bridges in several regions simultaneously. The two bridges over the Yenisey were built close to Abakan. The divers had to do the welding at a depth of three meters (10 feet) at the bottom of the fast-flowing Yenisey river. These major logistical endeavors are of utmost importance for combat readiness.

Russia’s geography doesn’t only include extremely large distances. Logistical challenges also come in the form of Russia’s massive waterways. Russian rivers aren’t just some of the largest in the world, but there’s also many of them. The combined length of Yenisey, Angara, and Selenge River is 5,539 km. The Ob river is 4,248 km long. Lena River is the 4th longest river in Russia with a length of 4,400 km. The Volga, with its length of 3,645 km is Europe’s largest and longest river.

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