RUSSIAN SCIENTIST: Russia Should Finally Destroy Globalism and Neoliberalism


MOSCOW – Fort Russ News leading staff debated on various matters of modern neoliberalism (“toxic masculinity” being the latest). We are all well-aware of the evil of this destructive ideology. I say “ideology”, because it truly is an ideology. Neoliberals have been adamant that it’s merely an economic system, but it has become clear it is much more than that. It has become a way of life, a system with its own “values” (depraved system, but a system nonetheless).

Russia’s intellectual elite is well-aware of the developments taking place in the West and they know very well that modern neoliberalism is a mix of the worst possible elements of a right-wing economic system and radically (self-styled) left-wing self-hatred (hatred of everything that has to do with your own culture and race). This depraved ideology and its effects on national sovereignty and stability of entire countries are discussed by Sergey Kurginyan, head of the Essence of Time movement:

“If we divide the USSR, then Georgia can also be divided, and the same goes for Ukraine and every other country. Because at this point, the next phase of the process starts.”


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