Russian senator: possible blockade of Venezuela could cause a new Missile Crisis

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Moscow – The possible blockade of Venezuela by the US is very dangerous and can cause the repetition of the Caribbean crisis of 1962, Senator Vladimir Dzhabarov, first vice president of the International Affairs Committee of the Upper House, told Sputnik.

US President Donald Trump responded positively to the question of whether the US is studying the possibility of blocking Venezuela “taking into account the volume of aid Venezuela receives from Russia, China and Iran.”

“It is a very, very dangerous issue; in their time the Americans tried to organize the blockade of Cuba, and it almost ended with a nuclear crisis in 1962,” Dzhabárov said.

The senator stressed that Russia’s assistance to Venezuela is mainly humanitarian and non-military.

Venezuela is experiencing a political and economic crisis that intensified last January when the opposition deputy Juan Guaidó , backed by the US, declared himself “president in charge.”

As of that month, the US tightened its sanctions against Venezuela, adopting precise measures to affect its oil businesses and its financing and debt issuance capacity.

The US Department of the Treasury announced new sanctions on Venezuela, this time against individuals and companies allegedly linked to the importation of food.

The list published on the Treasury Department website includes 10 people, including children of the first lady Cilia Flores.

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Among those sanctioned are also the businessman Alex Saab and the former governor of the state Táchira (west) José Gregorio Vielma Mora.

The assets and accounts of these individuals and companies were blocked and US citizens are prohibited from any commercial transaction with them.

In a note published on its website, the Treasury Department accused those who appear on the aforementioned list of running a large-scale corruption network linked to the low-cost social food program CLAP (Local Supply and Production Committees).

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has denounced that Washington attacks the CLAP program, because through it he has managed to alleviate the situation of Venezuelans, despite the economic suffocation of that nation.

CLAP is a government plan that distributes subsidized food to low-income families, as a measure to deal with the economic crisis facing Venezuela, which prevents its inhabitants from acquiring the basic basket items.

Since 2017, Washington has sanctioned more than 200 Venezuelan officials, including military, magistrates, rectors of the National Electoral Council, ministers, deputies and constituents.

The US and 54 other countries have recognized Guaido, but Russia, China, Cuba, Bolivia, Turkey have said they recognize President Nicolás Maduro as the only legitimate president of Venezuela.

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