Russian Soyuz MS-14 Spaceship Docks on ISS with Humanoid Robot

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MOSCOW – The Russian Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft with the humanoid robot Skybot F-850, nicknamed Fyodor, was able to dock on Tuesday at the International Space Station (ISS).

The coupling was broadcast live and was confirmed by the Mission Control Center. The goal was completed a few minutes in advance.

On Saturday, the Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft failed to dock on the ERA on schedule and was redirected a safe distance from the station.

According to a space industry source, the failure may have been caused by a possible malfunction of the Kurs coupling system.

The robot, controlled by Russian cosmonaut Aleksandr Skvortsov with the help of a special suit that reads the operator’s movements, will perform various tasks at ISS. The Fyodor robot is scheduled to return to Earth on September 7.

Meanwhile, Russian space corporation Roscosmos has announced a study bid preceding a manned mission to the moon.

The contract has an estimated 373.4 million rubles, about $ 5.6 million, according to a statement posted on the public procurement website.

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The pre-flight research will focus on points such as the implementation of manned flights to the moon and the development of specific technologies for the permanence and safety of cosmonauts in orbit and lunar surface .

Roscosmos, which will evaluate the contract, should study the use of new technologies in lunar mission cosmonaut subsistence systems, propose methods of applying robotic systems and their treatment by cosmonauts, investigate options for recovering cosmonauts after flight and address other options. technical tasks.

In addition, it will have to propose a moon research and exploration program to Russia. The first Russian cosmonaut is expected to land on the moon in 2030.

In the year 2024, the US plans to send astronauts to the moon and leave them on Earth’s satellite for some time, said US Vice President Mike Pence.

According to him, Washington is “one hundred percent” true to this goal and the experience of the moon will help send man to Mars. The vice president also stressed that the Trump administration supports NASA ‘s Moon return program, Artemis.

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