Secrets WWII Documents Finally Declassified (VIDEO)


MOSCOW – The most mysterious diplomatic paper of the 20th century was shown to the general public for the first time today in Moscow. It’s the original of the classified protocol of the German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact. This is one of the hundreds of exhibits displayed at the exhibition dedicated to the beginning of WWII.

The declassified documents finally shed light to what really happened at the time of early stages of the Second World War. Western historiography was always keen on exploiting the German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact as a political weapon with the purpose of discrediting the Soviet Union (and later Russian Federation), by trying to depict Russia and its leadership as equally evil, if not worse than Hitler and the Nazis.

The declassified documents explain in detail how the United Kingdom and France were courting Hiler. UK Prime Minister Lord Chamberlain was infamous for his policy of appeasement towards the Nazis, which culminated in the preposterous Munich Agreement, signed by UK, Nazi Germany, France, and Fascist Italy, by which Czechoslovakia was dismantled, with Czech lands being either ceded to Nazi Germany or simply occupied, while Slovakia was turned into a Nazi puppet state.

Another interesting part of the exhibition were documents showing the details of German-Polish Non-Aggression Pact, signed on January 26, 1934, mere months after Hitler took power in Germany. If a Non-Aggression Pact is an alliance (although it’s far from it), as often claimed by those who wish to denigrate the Soviet Union, then Poland was Hitler’s very first ally and at a time when Germany was still far from being the most powerful nation in Europe. On the other hand, the Soviet Union was the last country in Europe to enter in any kind of agreement with Nazi Germany and it did so only due to Western allies continuously refusing an anti-Axis agreement with the USSR and after Germany virtually conquered all of Europe.

Poland participated in the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1938, along with Nazi Germany, although few in the West mention this “trivial” detail


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