Crimea, Russian Federation – Russian Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the Federal City of Sevastopol are an area of crucial importance in the southwestern corner of Russia. After the return of Crimea in 2014, NATO and EU countries imposed sanctions on Russia, with the most punishing sanctions being specifically for Crimea. This was supposed to cripple the economy of the peninsula and make the living conditions for its inhabitants unbearable.

However, being a Ukrainian backwater for decades after the collapse of USSR made Crimeans quite resilient, so the sanctions didn’t do much, if anything at all. In the meantime, the local authorities and the Crimeans themselves didn’t waste any time. The process of nullifying decades of Ukrainian neglect and mismanagement was expected to be long and painful. However, it only took a couple of years. The Russian federal government decided to step in and in just 3-5 years since the liberation of the peninsula, Crimea was back to its former glory.

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