THANK YOU SANCTIONS: Reviving the Ural Mountains – Ancient Mining Towns Given Fresh Start With New Manufacturing Tech (VIDEO)


Polevskoy, Russian Federation – Ural Federal District is an area of crucial importance in the central part of Russia. Same as most of the country, it suffered greatly during the 1990s, especially under the IMF-advised policies of Russia’s traitors, neoliberal shock-therapy economists selling Russia’s economic giants for pennies. It all lasted until the early 2000s when new authorities decided to put a stop to it. The region started a long-overdue revival. In 2009, the revival was slowed down during the global recession crisis, but it soon recovered. However, the Western sanctions aiming to weaken Russia soon reached the Ural Federal District too. And the people of the Urals thank God they did.

Unique enterprises have been developing along one of the most ancient mountain ranges in the world. They are as big as entire small cities and their employees are no less unique. In the early 20th century, scientist Pavel Bogoslovsky of the Perm University called the Ural mountains “a mining and metallurgical civilization.” It’s been the most precise definition of this lifestyle ever since.

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