The New Cuba? Russia considers putting missile installation in Venezuela to counter US

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MOSCOW – In response to US missile deployment in the Asia-Pacific region, Russia could consider deploying its own systems in Venezuela.

According to Aleksandr Sherin, first vice president of the State Duma Defense Committee, that would be a tough but effective answer.

“The US and its leaders throughout their history have, unfortunately, only demonstrated that the sensible and proper language of communication, the agreements, does not work with them. Unfortunately, the US only understands brute and crude force. Basically, they only understand what they use themselves,” said SHerin.

“The deployment of our systems in Venezuela, for example, [is possible] as an option, and may be termed a second Cuban Crisis, but it was precisely the Cuban Crisis that cooled the momentum of the United States for a long time,” he continued.

“If this option, God forbid, had to be considered and put into practice, that would be a very tough but very effective option,” he said.

However, according to him, Moscow will obtain Caracas’s consent to this request and the Venezuelan leadership expresses its full solidarity with Russia’s actions.

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“We have a so-called common partner, I will not call him an enemy,” he said.

“The deployment of S-400 air defense systems, for example, or Bastion or Iskander ground missile systems in [Venezuelan] territory would be to multiply by zero all efforts made over decades and the investment of billions of dollars in building missile systems, the vassal system and NATO, “said Aleksandr Sherin.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin called an urgent meeting with the Security Council amid the latest US missile tests.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Russia has never declined dialogue with the US on the Intermediate Reach Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, has shown openness and transparency in its actions.

“We never refused to talk, we proposed that throughout February to August. We showed our openness. We showed the missile that raised questions. The Americans didn’t come. If more participants were needed, why was it necessary to destroy everything?” said Sergei Shoigu in an interview with television channel Rossiya 24.

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