The suppressed truth – Tortured and Raped Serb Women ‘Deleted’ By So Called Kosovo (i.e. Albanian) and International Law (WARNING, VERY DISTURBING IMAGES)

by Grey Carter


By Grey Carter – Representatives of Serb organizations in Kosovo have warned that the provisions of a decree on the status and rights of veterans and victims of war and the accompanying strategy, which Kosovo’s assembly should vote on soon, are discriminatory and against any common sense.

According to Vesti, Serbian daily based in Frankfurt, the Serb officials pointed out that those provisions  predict the status of  war victim should be recognized only for the period between February 27, 1998, and June 20, 1999, when the NATO and Albanian aggression in Kosovo-Metohija ended after the Province was handed over to International community (UN, NATO) after  the Kumanovo agreement was signed in June 1999.

“It is true that rapes of both men and women of Serb nationality took place during the war, but also after the war and after the arrival of international troops,” Vesti cited Milena Parlic, secretary of the Association of families of those kidnapped and killed in KiM.

Parlic said that it has not yet been determined how many rapes after the war were committed by so-called “liberators” (members of the KLA, an ethnic Albanian terrorist and criminal organization) and how many by members of the international missions.

“Therefore, the strategy must also deal with rapes that took place after the arrival of the international forces, when the Serbian women were completely at the mercy of Albanian criminals,”

They dare to speak: Slavica Paunović and Slavica Vuksanovic  were the victims of the Albanian torture and rape 

Slavica Vuksanovic (45) is one of the few that survived the terror and torture by Albanian terrorists KLA “Gnjilane group”. This Serbian woman will remember 23 June 1999 as the beginning of four hardest days of her life. ( NATO  ‘peacekeeping’ forces had taken over control in Kosovo)
– It happened In front of the bakery, in the bread line. Five Albanians wearing black uniforms with terrorist KLA insignia came. They immediately pulled us out of queue and duct taped our mouth. – reminds of the traumatic event Slavica.
They pushed us into the car and drove to the building of secondary school student’s accommodations in the village of Gavran. They beat us, hitting with guns and kicking all the way. 

But the torture was just to begin. Upon the arrival to the student’s accommodations, the newly kidnapped Serbs have been introduced in various rooms, in order to make them see the condition of Serbs who have already been abducted and tortured.
– When we heard screams and cries for help we realized that there were a hundred people in the building-  Slavica continues while her eyes start to water.  – Moans and calls for help could be heard from everywhere. The two of us were then taken to a dark cellar in which have already been our martyrs placed.

After being kidnapped, they were first taken there, stripped naked, tied up, severely beaten, mutilated, sexually assaulted and stabbed with knives. Parts of their bodies were cut off before they were viciously murdered.

The Albanian terrorists KLA: Albanian women were even worse than men  

We were mostly beaten by an Albanian woman. She enjoyed kicking us with boots, batons, pulling hair …
Slavica reminds that the monstrous woman was interrogating, threatening, shouting and torturing them in order to ‘recognize’ where Serbian police and army were at the moment.

After each question the Serbs have been subject to increased torture and harder punches – adds Slavica.

– After the torture, they took us to the rooms on the second floor and tied for radiators. Then, even though we were already beaten and mutilated, KLA continued with torture.

The Albanian monster  – woman was present all the time, actively participated in torture. She was pushing pillows and clothes into prisoner ’s mouth in order to silence their screams and cries for help during the rape.


This young Serbian father and his little baby were brutally butchered by the Albanian Islamist Nazi KLA bandits after the NATO Forces entered Kosovo. One of the KLA Islamist Nazi bandits grabbed the baby by his tiny legs and smashed his head against a brick wall. His father was first shot, then beaten to death with an iron pipe.

Serbian prosecutor charged the Gnjilane group terrorists with kidnapping 159 Serb civilians and killing at least 51 in just a few months, between June and October 1999, after NATO arrived at the occupied Serbian province.
What stands out in these cases is that these crimes were perpetrated in a particularly cruel manner, in three locations in Gniljane.
The kidnapped Serbs imprisoned by this group were first being taken to a Gnjilane boarding school, where they were tortured “in the grossest possible manner. It is hard to describe the atrocities that took place there, as I don’t believe it is in keeping with any media ethics,” Vekarić stressed.“What is also important is the identities of those members of the Gniljane Group. These Albanians were chiefly people from outside Kosovo province and Gniljane municipality itself. In order not to come into conflict with their neighbours, the local Albanians brought in people from neighbouring regions to commit these crimes,

According to the findings of Srna News agency, one of the ways in which these Albanians tortured the Serbs they held imprisoned, was to force a glass in an open wound after cutting their victim with a knife, to “drink Serbian blood” as the glass gets filled, while the victims are watching. At least one of their female victims was tied between the two cars and completely dismembered.

Several of their victims died after the killers checked “how many bodies a single bullet can go through”. The victims’ bodies were then dismembered and taken to different locations in order to hide the crime.

Even today, the small amount of Serbs who had no place to go, live in fear.  From t
en thousand Serbian inhabitants only about a hundred has left.
Albanian monsters walk free the streets of Gnjilane,  At the same time the remaining Serbs constantly live in horror they were exposed by their  Albanian neighbours.
– Dozens of people, Gnjilane Serbs,  were brutally tortured in the boarding school building,

 – The US KFOR didn’t react  – Suncica Paunovic and Cveta Nojkic testify about the crimes committed by Albanians

– We believe that the number of victims is far greater than Serbian War Crimes Prosecution claims.
Suncica Paunovic (35), a mother of three small children,  explains that in notorious Nazi-like camp for Serbs in the school her husband Jovica and his cousin Dragan Arsic have been kidnapped, tortured executed.
She recalls that her husband was that on 23 June 1999 went  cousin to sell fruit and vegetables on the local market;  
– Since then they disappeared without a trace – Suncica said. – We reported the disappearance of the US Marine Corps.
Our neighbours, Albanians, suddenly started to come saying that they know where my husband and the relative were kept, asking thousands of marks (Deutsche Mark) to release them.
They lied… – Sunčica’s voice breaks down – We gave his life savings of 15,000 Deutch marks to those  “good Albanian neighbours”

– The fate of my beloved ones remains dark…

After NATO forces entered Kosovo, this entire Serbian family was butchered, men were shot and decapitated. Women and children were raped and tortured.

– It’s still difficult and painful to acknowledge that my beloved ones were executed in the cruellest way, speaks Cveta Nojkic (41), whose husband Stanko (33y) father Blagoje (60y) and brother Branko (30) have been killed by Albanian terrorists.
On January 16, 2000, not far from the ” boundary point” Mucibabe members of the notorious terrorists “Gnjilane group” grabbed and killed them.
– Before they were killed, they were beaten with iron objects,  and it’s obvious due to the condition of their skulls –  they’re shattered and their remains looked as if they’ve been ground;   almost impossible to recognize they were once humans.

– There was a group of American KFOR (NATO in Kosovo Metohija) soldiers; they didn’t react – they just let the Albanian monsters do as they please.

Slavica Paunovic describes one of the most horrible cases in school dormitory: a murder of a child and rape of pregnant Serb women.

– From the arms of visibly tortured women, one of the Albanians snatched the child – says Slavica. – One of them rapidly stabbed the child with a blade. It all happened in a few seconds. The unfortunate mother only managed to scream appallingly. The next moment, as her moans pierced the room, the child was dead.
Another woman, heavily pregnant,  was bestially raped; During the torture, and rape, Albanians were yelling like animals.

Branka Đukić.jpg

On 2nd September 1975. Serbian girl Branka Djukić was murdered by two Albanians who intercepted her while she was returning home from school. After she resisted rape attempt, she was shot in the head and left in the middle of the road.  The way the murder was committed was especially cruel.  After the Albanian judges decided to release the perpetrators,  The father tried to get revenge by shoving the gun into the courtroom and shooting one of the criminals

Today, twenty years since the US-led NATO coalition and Albanians rules Kosovo,  safety of Serbs in this area is below the minimum; it depends literally on the goodwill of above described Albanians, who probably now feel the need to show the international community that there  are still some Serbs, and how tolerant and democratic their ”state” is – said Dragan Nikolic, chief of the Kosovo-Morava District.

Силована српска девојчица 9 година из Житиње код Витине на рукама оца Стојана Перића 1983. г..jpg
After 1998, the Albanians continued with the rape of Serbs, their old method: Kosovo, 1983: Raped Serbian girl (9yrs old) from the village Zitinja near Vitina, on the arms of her father, Stojan Peric 

The Albanians were using rape of Serbian minors and children as a  mean of their war. The horrible death of Jovana, Serbian girl of nearly 11 years, is something that a sane human being is unable to understand.
Jovana was kidnapped and imprisoned in the village of Klecka, Lipljan, together with her mother and grandmother. The camp was under direct control of Fatmir Limaj (acquitted by the Hague kangaroo court) and Hashim Thaci.
Hasim Taci used to visit the camp. One day little Jovana was taken by the Albanian terrorists, KLA bandits, Luan and Bekim Mazrreku, who, before the eyes of her mother and grandmother raped the eleven years old girl.
They tortured her, stabbing and cutting her body parts for almost an hour. When they finished, and a child was hardly alive, the monsters burned her alive in the sight of the unfortunate mother and grandmother.

This is just one true story of gruesome crimes committed against Serbs in Kosovo before, but also after NATO ”peacekeepers” have already been deployed there.
Their manner of turning the blind eye every time Serbs were killed, raped, expelled, one day will have to be subject of International War crime prosecutor.

However, if the statutes and strategies so-called Kosovo assembly invented in order to protect themselves from almost certain investigation, are to be adopted, the victims of sexual violence from minority communities will no more be recognized as victims anymore – they will no longer have that status recognized and will lose the entitlement to financial compensation and assistance, warn the representatives of Serb organizations.

The representatives of Serb organizations stressed that the adoption of the controversial documents would be a flagrant violation of the rights of minority communities in Kosovo, urging the international community to react.

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