Thousands of Venezuelans Protest US Sanctions

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CARACAS – On Saturday, thousands of people filled the streets of the Venezuelan capital and other major cities to show their support for President Nicolas Maduro and protest against new US sanctions imposed on the Latin American country, local media reported. People marched with posters and flags saying “No More Trump”, Venezuelan national television reported.

“They [the United States] want to deprive Venezuela of its holy right to peace but we will struggle,” Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez stated.

President Nicolas Maduro has noted that Caracas will submit a letter decrying the illegal US sanctions, signed by millions of Venezuelans, to the United Nations.

“This is a manifest to the United Nations and to the Secretary-General Antonio Guterres which we will send out with signatures of millions of Venezuelans,” Maduro stated on Thursday.

Washington, which has been seeking to depose Maduro and install opposition leader and self-styled “President of Venezuela” Juan Guaido, whom it has endorsed, has introduced multiple rounds of illegal economic and diplomatic sanctions against Venezuela. The end game is to cause so much suffering to millions of Venezuelans so that they would be cornered into deposing their own government.

Particularly, on Tuesday, in a complete and blatant violation of international law, President Donald Trump issued an executive order to freeze assets held by the legally elected government of Venezuela in the United States. Moreover, Trump has promised to impose an economic blockade on Venezuela. UN Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet has warned that the US sanctions on Venezuela would have a severe financial impact on the country.

America’s foreign policy, ever so “conveniently”, always finds “gross human rights violations” happening in countries rich in natural resources. If those countries also happen to be independently minded and refuse to give their resources for worthless American green paper, they become a “legitimate” target of the raging “freedom and democracy”.

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