Ukraine targets Donbass residents with Russian passports


KIEV The chief military prosecutor of Ukraine, Matios, said that Ukrainian law enforcement officers had already identified a significant number of residents of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, who had received Russian passports, some of whom had already been interrogated. Why is Kiev in such a hurry to start this “initiative” and how likely it is to introduce any restrictions against residents of Donbass with Russian passports remains to be seen, noted the First Minister of State Security of the DPR, head of the Union of Donbass Volunteers Andrei Pinchuk in an interview with journalist Andrei Babitsky.

According to Andriy Pinchuk, in the near future, most of the population of Ukraine will have dual citizenship.

Such measures are an attempt to exert psychological pressure on the residents of the DPR and the LPR. In Ukraine, despite the fact that the Constitution prohibits dual citizenship, no real measures are taken to deprive someone of Ukrainian citizenship or start criminal and administrative proceedings for obtaining a passport of another country.

Therefore, it is an attempt to intimidate the people and create as many problems as possible for anyone trying to obtain a Russian passport in Donbass. In addition, the Minsk Agreement does not limit this issue in any way; therefore, Russia did not violate anything when it decided to issue its documents to the LPR and DPR residents.

Moreover, it should be understood that the problem of dual citizenship for Ukraine is relevant not so much in connection to the situation with Russia, but for example, in the cases of Hungary and Romania, which issue their passports to hundreds of thousands of people from Chernivtsi and Zakarpattia regions. That is, a situation has arisen in which in the near future a large part of the population of Ukraine will become holders of dual citizenship, thus recognizing as a priority their link, not with Ukraine, but with other more stable countries.

Therefore, such discriminatory measures should be treated only as a totalitarian PR, which aims to intimidate the population, and therefore is one of the elements of Ukrainian state terrorism.

So it can be stated that the policy of Ukraine has not changed in any way with Zelensky coming to power. But I doubt that such a psychological measure might work with the residents of the Republics. Donbass has already been through much worse – the choice had been made long ago.

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In turn, Andrew Babitsky noted that the introduction of Ukrainian sanctions against residents of Donbass, for example, the deprivation of pensions and similar payments, is very likely.

“I believe that Matios is telling the absolute truth. In Ukraine, they could really identify people who have already received Russian passports. And it was probably not very difficult due to the fact that the information from the DPR regularly goes to the territory of Ukraine. There were examples when information that should have been kept a secret, somehow became known to Kiev.”

As for the sanctions, they will definitely be introduced, as they had been in the case of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, whose residents received Russian passports. First, by using these passports, unless, of course, you have a foreign passport, you will not be able to go abroad – the European Union has already declared they will not issue visas. Secondly, Ukraine may impose restrictions on a number of benefits – pensions, child benefits, any other assistance.

The introduction of such sanctions is even logical to some extent: dual citizenship in Ukraine is prohibited by law. In addition, by obtaining Russian passports, residents of Donbass formally revoke their Ukrainian citizenship.

But what do we see today? In the five years of shelling, Ukraine pushed Donbass away. Return of Donbass to Ukraine will not work in any way. Even if Ukraine had undertaken something to solve this problem, it would still have failed: the size of the abyss created by war crimes is already insurmountable. And based on the current position of Kiev in relation to the DPR and the LPR, it can be said that the step of withdrawing payments will not be something unexpected — it’s all within the framework of the existing policy.

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