“Ukrainische Luftwaffe Greift Donezk” — There used to be coverage of Kiev’s bombing

"There are reports of civilian casualties" You'd never know this is still happening.

In the first weeks of the war, Der Spiegel published a photo gallery of civilian suffering in the Donbass

Der Spiegel, long since the parrot of the Atlanticists, was slow to get the memo, but this report of theirs from June 8, 2014 is still on the web. As Kiev’s war on the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics wore on into June, 2014, there were reports of bombardments on civilian targets, though the western press pretended not to know who was doing it.* Now, in contrast, we get propaganda by deliberate omission or suppression of this kind of news.
I translate this early Spiegel war news:
Fight for separatist stronghold
Ukrainian Air Force attacks Donetsk, city of a million people
The fight for Donetsk is apparently entering the decisive phase. For the first time, the Ukrainian Air Force has bombed the separatist stronghold. There are reports of civilians killed.
Donetsk June 8 2014 –

The Ukrainian Air Force attacked the center of the separatist stronghold Donetsk for the first time overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday,. Around midnight, two fighters flew over the megacity in the east of the country, controlled by pro-Russian separatists. As SPIEGEL correspondent Christian Neef reported, the aircraft fired several rockets at low altitude. They hit a street. The news agency AFP reported that one of them left a four meter wide one and a half meter deep crater in the street.
There were different indications about possible victims. The Associated Press reported about two injured rescue workers. The Russian agency Interfax, however, citing the city council of Donetsk, reported that three civilians had been killed in the air raids.
During the night, Ukrainian government troops and militia engaged in heavy fighting in Donetsk, as SPIEGEL reporter Neef further reported. Artillery fire was heard again and again near his hotel.
AFP reported at least two deaths. According to the city administration, the victims are civilians.
The Ukrainian army announced Wednesday that fighting in eastern Ukraine alone killed 18 Ukrainian soldiers in the past 24 hours.

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The army had moved further and further into Donetsk on Tuesday. The mayor’s office reported heavy fighting in the western suburb of Petrovsky.
According to news agencies, there were also battles in southwestern suburb Mariinka. You could hear regular explosions, see columns of rising smoke. At night an electric power plant near Mariinka was damaged by mortar attacks. A Ukrainian army spokesman said the armed forces were preparing to capture the city.
For weeks, the Ukrainian army has tried to drive the separatists out of their strongholds of Donetsk and Luhansk. Although the army managed to recapture Slovyansk, Mariupol and other smaller towns, the offensive continued to stall in the face of the rebels’ fierce opposition.
The previous strategy in Donetsk was to isolate the separatists until their resources were exhausted. In addition, they should be cut off from the Russian border. Kiev and the West accuse Russia of supporting the separatists with weapons and fighters.

*See my satire on the this. Edward R. Murrow, reporting from London, has no idea who is doing the bombing. Written in June, 2014, slightly revised later…

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