US and Allies to Establish New Terrorist Groups in Iraq, Syria

DAMASCUS – A senior Syrian parliamentarian warned against a new plan by Washington and Riyadh to set up new terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria after their defeats in the region.

“The US presently intends to pave the way for the emergence of terrorist groups under new names and appearances in Syria and Iraq by creating a chaotic situation in the region,” the Arabic-language al-Rased news website quoted Syrian lawmaker Mohammad Jookhdar as saying.

Jookhdar noted that Saudi Arabia will also support this US’ measure, and said that after the US defeat and its allied terrorists vis-à-vis Iraqi and Syrian armies, Washington is looking for a reemergence of terrorism in Iraq and Syria. as soon as possible and at any cost. In a relevant development on Sunday, the Arabic-language Beirut-based al-Akhbar newspaper reported that the southern parts of Syria, including the province of Dara’a and its surrounding areas, have become scenes of resumed terrorist attacks on the Syrian Army’s positions in line with coordinated efforts to make those regions insecure and stop the Syrian government peace initiative.

The daily pointed to the reorganization of Jordan’s Mouk Operations Room terrorist groups along the border in western Syria and said intel has revealed that a foreign officer who recently worked with the terrorist groups in southern Syria has been recalled to the operation room. The Syrian security sources also pointed to the monitoring of the ISIL’s movements in eastern Sweida and said that the US Army has recently dispatched two trucks carrying weapons from al-Tanf region to ISIL terrorists deployed near Sweida via Sahra.

The al-Akhbar pointed to a connection between terrorists of southern Syria with the foreign countries, including the US, Oman and the UAE, and said that Israel is benefiting the most from insecurities in southern Syria and has helped the terrorists with the assassination of some officers of the Syrian Army in southern Syria. The daily also pointed to the meeting of Syrian-Russian commanders in southern Syria and said that the two sides will most probably conduct military and security operations to get rid of the remaining terrorists.

In a relevant development last week, the Arabic-language al-Masdar news website quoted a military source as saying that the Syrian Army was preparing for new military operation inside the Dara’a province. According to the military source, the Syrian Army was preparing to cordon off the town of Sanamayn in northern Dara’a. The source said the Syrian Army was demanding the militants to surrender before an operation would be launched to arrest them for their recent attacks on the military checkpoints in Sanamayn.

In a relevant development last month, Secretary of the Syrian Parliament Khalid al-Aboud said attacks against the Syrian army were masterminded in Jordan and Israel, amid increased terrorist attacks against the country’s Armed Forces in Dara’a province. Al-Aboud was quoted by the Arabic-language al-Mayadeen news channel as saying that the terrorist groups which recently attacked the Syrian army forces in Dara’a province are those which have contacts with the Military Operations Command (MOC) room and take orders from Jordan and Israeli intelligence agency.

He added that the aggressive acts of these grouplets are not limited to the Syrian army forces as they have attacked the Russian forces and civilians and set fire at thousands of hectares of farmlands too. Al-Aboud said, based on intelligence, MOC has turned into a new center which intends to use the attacks against the Syrian government and insecurities in southern Syria as leverage to pressure Damascus. The security outposts and military vehicles of the Syrian army have recently come under attack a year after the army won control over the province and granted amnesty to those militants who laid down their weapons.

Relevant reports said earlier this month that the US forces had resumed training of Washington-backed terrorists in the al-Tanf region near the borders with Jordan after a one-year hiatus. Turkey’s Anadolu news agency quoted informed sources as saying that Jeish al-Maqawir terrorists affiliated to the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) were again being trained by the US forces. They added that the training was underway in the al-Tanf base in the bordering triangle between Syria, Jordan and Iraq and some bases in Jordan, noting that the FSA militants undergo special training, including heliborne and combat operations as well as battle in difficult conditions.

The sources also said that a number of US army and intelligence officers along with a number of US-led coalition advisors supervise the training. The US forces in the al-Tanf region had also paved the way for recruiting more militants for Jeish al-Maqawir terrorist group. A prominent Russian military analyst revealed last year that the US was training terrorists in 19 military bases in Syria in pursuit of its military and political objectives in the country.

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