Venezuela blames Colombian government for rearmament of former communist rebels

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CARACAS – Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza today accused Colombian President Iván Duque of acting against peace agreements signed three years ago with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

The Venezuelan opinion comes after the announcement of the resumption of armed struggle by former high-ranking guerrillas, who had fought a bloody struggle with Colombian government forces for more than five decades, from its founding in 1964 until 2017.

“Venezuela rejects Iván Duque’s impudence by transferring his exclusive responsibility to third countries and third parties for the planned dismantling of peace processes and failure to fulfill their commitments,” said the Venezuelan FM.

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Last Thursday, former FARC number two Iván Márquez announced in a video the decision to abandon the historic peace agreement with the Colombian government and a return to the armed struggle. In the recording, the group’s main negotiator in dialogues with the authorities in recent years suggests that he and the other former commanders of the movement have been forced to choose this path because of the continued deceit and lies of Bogota.

According to the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, the current culprit is the current Colombian head of state. Still, Caracas says it is maintaining contacts with other countries involved to bring the parties to the conflict back to the negotiating table.

“Venezuela is following with concern the imminent reactivation of the armed conflict between the Colombian government and a group of the FARC, and reports that it is in consultation with the rest of the accompanying and guarantor countries to get the parties back in touch,” Jorge Arreaza said on Friday.

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