VIDEO: Aviadarts Highlights – Su-57, MiG-31, Su-35S, Kinzhal, Strategic Bombers, Helicopters


Ryazan, Russian Federation – The International Army Games is a Russian military sports event organized by the Ministry of Defense of Russia (MoD). The annual International Army Games, which have taken place since August 2015 involve more than 30 countries battling out in dozens of competitions over two weeks to prove which nation has the most military might. The games have also been referred to as the War Olympics. In addition to the land forces competition, the International Army Games also includes the Aviadarts, a show involving military aircraft.

Aviadarts is a very important part of the International Army Games. This year, hypersonic weapons have also been included, namely Kinzhal hypersonic missile. How big is it, how is it mounted under the fuselage, and is the MiG-31 capable of carrying it? Now, after the first public demonstration of the Russian Kinzhal missile system, these questions are being answered. Every visitor of the Aviadarts 2019 competition at the training range near Ryazan had a chance to see the new hypersonic missile.

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