VIDEO: How Georgia’s anti-Russian stance ruined its economy


Tbilisi – The West had a profoundly malign influence on Georgia. After the 2008 war when Georgia, led by probably the worst leader in its history and also instigated by NATO, stupidly attacked Russian peacekeepers in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which resulted in an absolute disaster for the Georgians, the country’s leadership has been fostering Russophobia ever since.

The two countries have never been at odds before. On the contrary. In the last 300 years, Russian troops saved Georgia from numerous Ottoman massacres and slave raids and Georgia was well-integrated into the Russian society, although it still kept its ancient culture virtually untouched. Although strained, the relations between the two countries were getting better. Russian tourists were a quite common sight in Georgia.

Then a Georgian TV host decided it was a good idea to spew horrendous insults about President Putin’s family. Of course, Putin being Putin and keeping his cool at all times, he decided to ignore the incident, calling it a non-issue. However, the Russian government still wanted to punish such behavior, so soon all flights from Georgia to Russia and vice versa were canceled indefinitely. Many Georgians, appalled by the horrible words uttered by the TV host, took to the streets. Putin, on the other hand, refused to impose any additional sanctions, despite pressure from the Duma to do so.

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