VIDEO: Idlib Offensive Continues Unabated


Idlib, Syria – As the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), supported by the Syrian and Russian air forces is advancing further into the terrorist-controlled Idlib Province, heavy fighting has intensified considerably. Terrorists have nowhere to run, and although Syria and Russia offered them to lay down their arms in order to avoid civilian casualties, they are stubbornly refusing to do so. Thus, Syrian and Russian armed forces had no other choice but to continue with the offensive.

After fierce fighting and a two-day-long siege, the SAA (Syrian Arab Army) restored control over the town of Al-Habeit in the province of Idlib. It’s situated six miles from the major stronghold of the terrorist group Jabhat Al-Nusra. Moreover, government troops managed to cut the fighters’ supply lines. It was also reported yesterday that three high-ranking leaders of the Jaysh Al-Ahrar pro-Turkish group were liquidated on the border between the provinces of Idlib and Hama.

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