HILARIOUS: Mashup of Trump singing ‘Señorita’ to Putin (VIDEO)


MOSCOW – The G7 Summit has just ended in Biarritz. The closing press conference has just ended. The most remarkable thing about that summit is that they didn’t agree on anything but Trump quarreled with the entire G7, that is, the other six countries. It happened because President Donald Trump insists on having Vladimir Putin back. He did it pretty stubbornly. He mentioned this idea of his five times in the past two days.

Trump said and reiterated multiple times that much of what was discussed in previous G7 summits had to do with Russia. Thus, in his opinion, it would only be logical to have Russia as part of the group. Some western mainstream media are using this to further the narrative of Trump being Putin’s puppet. His insistence inspired some people to readjust a video of Trump singing “Señorita”. The mashup can be seen at 01:05 in the following video.

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