VIDEO: NATO’s Sorry A** Excuse For Shoigu Intercept


NATO HQ, Bruxelles – On Tuesday, a NATO F-18 fighter attempted to approach the Russian Defense Minister’s plane. Although the plane was in international airspace, flying from Kaliningrad to Moscow, accompanied by two Su-27 fighters from the Russian Baltic Fleet, NATO command decided to intercept the aircraft nonetheless.

An F-18 made an attempt to approach the Russian aircraft, but the Su-27 pilots did not let them approach the Defense Minister’s plane. As a result, the NATO jet had to break off and move further away from Shoigu’s jet.

NATO tried to explain why its fighter intended to approach the Russian defense minister’s aircraft over the Baltic Sea. They claim that it did it to identify it. They say that NATO didn’t know who was flying from Kaliningrad. The military bloc, pretending to be confronting and counteracting Russia, demonstrates a rather unusual lack of awareness. Or is Brussels just being economical with the truth, hiding a failed attempt to flex its muscles?

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