VIDEO: Russia reviving former Soviet scientific and industrial might


MOSCOW – The Soviet Union once had the second-largest economy on the planet. One of the reasons for this was the country’s massive network of so-called “monotowns”. Monotown is a city or a town whose economy is dominated by a single industry or company. This means that most employments (except for service to residents like schools and shops) are by the main company. These specialized areas were responsible for most of the Soviet scientific innovations, but they have been rusting since the collapse of USSR. Now, this has come to an end.

The government is going to diversify a monotowns’ life. The state program should turn the economy of those settlements, which in the Soviet years were built for the sake of a single city-forming enterprise, into a new premise. The roadmap wasn’t created from scratch, it’s a continuation of the 2016-2018 program. There were claims to its effectiveness in the Court of Auditors, but there is also a positive development.


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