VIDEO: Russian Military Forum – Quantum Leap in Russia’s A.I. development


MOSCOW – Russian military recently completed a highly successful rearmament program. The new rearmament program has already started (in 2018) and will last until 2027. Russia’s already highly effective military force is to become even deadlier by late 2020s. Still, Sarmat ICBMs, upgraded Su-57 fifth-generation multirole fighter jets, advanced hypersonic weapons, Sukhoi’s S-70 Okhotnik and MiG’s Skat UCAVs, various platforms of the Armata program, heavily modernized T-72, T-80 and T-90 tanks, new high-tech corvettes, and many other new developments are not the only ones.

The Russian military is also interested in advanced artificial intelligence. The new prototypes spotted at the Army Forum and are soon to become part of the new state armament program. Artificial intelligence, or simply AI, isn’t just the future of warfare. It is already here. Drones, UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) or UGVs (unmanned ground vehicle), although still controlled by human operators, are becoming increasingly autonomous and the Russian military is one of the pioneers in this field.

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