VIDEO: Russian Ministry of Labor Might Cut Workweek to Just 4 Days


MOSCOW – The Russian Ministry of Labor received a letter from the Russian Federation of Independent Unions about the introduction of a four-day workweek. The ministry noted that the Labor Code doesn’t prohibit introducing such a schedule but it sets forth a maximum length of a four-day week at 40 hours. The Ministry of Labor noted that they’ll have to discuss this in detail with both employers and representatives of the union.

Such an arrangement of the workweek brings a lot of benefits, including more free days in the week and, according to recent research, it could also help boost productivity per hour by as much as 20%. At first, when taking polls about the four-day workweek, people were afraid this could lead to income cutbacks, but after being reassured this wouldn’t affect their pay, they quite liked the idea. Another possible benefit could be that people would travel more, which in turn could boost other sectors of the economy.

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