VIDEO: Russia’s Decade – Washington’s failure to Stop Gazprom


MOSCOW – The United States of America invested heavily in trying to stop Russia’s efforts to build natural gas pipelines and related infrastructure, but they failed miserably. Despite Washington’s considerable leverage over Germany’s decision-making, even that amount of power was unable to convince Germany to renounce its vital national interests. Russia’s (and Germany’s) concerns over the unreliability of Ukraine as a transit country put the Nord Stream and South Stream in motion.

The US managed to use it’s puppets in Bulgaria to torpedo the deal, but soon, Turkey made sure not to miss the opportunity of getting a stable supply of natural gas for decades to come, so the Turk Stream was born. To top it all, and despite US protests, Germany even decided to go for the Nord Stream 2, which will double the capacity of Nord Stream. Apart from these two giant projects, another one is to be completed soon and connect Russia’s natural gas infrastructure with that of China.

Russian natural gas giant, Gazprom is now undergoing an investment boom, doing the groundwork for the future activity for decades ahead. The company isn’t the only one that’ll benefit. It’ll be a big boom to the nation’s industries as it brings multi-billion deals, new jobs, and additional tax revenue, both at the regional and federal level.

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