VIDEO: US On Brink of New Recession


WASHINGTON, D.C. – When deciding to slap extortionate trade tariffs on Chinese goods, it’s possible the US President Donald Trump didn’t really think this through. Given the fact that China is the premier consumer goods manufacturing superpower, it was expected to have a sharp increase in prices, which hit regular people the most.

However, this wasn’t the only issue for the American economy. The American Real Estate Bubble might soon implode, just like it did in 2008, but this time, it will come as a result of the trade war with China. This might plunge the US into yet another recession, but this time, it would not affect countries like Russia, like it did in 2008. Due to Western sanctions, the Russian economy became largely self-sufficient.

The economic background of the events taking place in the USA is dramatically deteriorating. Dow Jones and other key share indices are seesawing. What caused the fall and why are analysts talking about the possibility of a new recession?

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