VIDEO: Why is Russia’s compulsory military service so successful


MOSCOW – More often than not, Russia’s compulsory military service is used by Western media to show how the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are allegedly not professional enough and how bad the Armed Forces would fare against an all-volunteer force.  But is it really true? Many countries have compulsory military service. including America’s most important ally – Israel.

Without getting into the specifics of the legality of how their Armed Forces are being used, the Israeli military has shown to be quite effective thus far, despite being composed almost entirely of conscripts. Serbian conscripts have also been quite successful in combating the allegedly “highly-professional” NATO forces during the NATO aggression against Serbia in 1999.

In reality, Russia also has a very effective conscription system which supplies around 35% of the active-duty personnel, as well as a large frontline reserve, which ensures Russia’s capability of raising millions of soldiers in less than 24 hours if the necessity arises. Russia’s conscripts, although obviously lacking the experience of professional soldiers, are deployed to combat units based on their civilian expertise, which greatly improves the effectiveness of such units, but at a fraction of the cost of professional ones.

On this day, August 4, over 400 draftees from all over the Russian Federation are being sent to serve in research troops as a part of the spring draft. Many draftees want to be selected for the prestigious service. Applicants underwent a serious selection. They’ll study military subjects one day a week. All of the other days will be dedicated to science.

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