VIDEO: Why the current political situation in Britain is a total mess


LONDON – Boris Johnson, the newly-appointed British Prime Minister, is an epitome of the controversial divisions currently present in the British society. Previously, the question of independence initiatives in Scotland, soon afterward, the question of Brexit, immigration, their special relations with the United States, etc, has sharply divided the society and it will be a long time until the divisions are overcome. However, the newly-appointed Prime Minister has other “more pressing matters” to address, it seems.

Increase the number of prisons in Britain to accommodate an additional 10,000 prisoners and expand the powers of the police, who will be able to detain and search people without any legal reason — These are all new initiatives by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It is symbolic that they were voiced on the eve of Brexit which is likely to be a hard one. So, what exactly Boris Johnson’s idea is and what lies ahead for Britain in the coming years? Whatever it is, the Queen is definitely not happy about the state of the British political arena.

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