VIDEO: WWII Bomb Found Near Kremlin


MOSCOW – Kremlin Press Service has stated a WWII bomb was defused after being found in an untouched Imperial-era cellar. The weapon was dropped by the Luftwaffe. Russian officials said they had defused the WWII bomb in the Kremlin, which was undetected in a cellar since 1941.

The Kremlin was under reconstruction when archaeologists found the bomb on Thursday, Russian media revealed. The Kremlin’s chief commander, Sergey Khlebnikov, told the news agency Ria Novosti they had taken every necessary measure to ensure the safety of the people working in the Kremlin, as well as of Kremlin itself.

Almost 80 years buried deep in the ground

Nazi Luftwaffe bombed Moscow in the Second World War as Wehrmacht advanced on the city in late 1941. Hundreds of civilians were killed as the Luftwaffe bombed the city. The Russian victory at Moscow was the first significant defeat of the Nazi armada which swept across Europe in the early stages of the WW2. The Kremlin, along with the Red Square in the center of Moscow, is a UNESCO World Heritage site, as well as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Russia.

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