Washington loses allies and influence amid tensions with Iran

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US journalist John Steppling spoke with Sputnik International about the relationship between Iran and US sanctions.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani recently reiterated his view that if US President Donald Trump wants to start negotiations with Tehran, sanctions against the country will need to be lifted.

Regarding the sanctions situation, US ournalist John Steppling believes that all anti-Iranian hardliners are the real engine of US policy and they have no intention of withdrawing sanctions, however, Washington is suffering a loss of allies, as is the case with Germany, which refused to participate in maritime operations in the region.

Already the UK had only one ship available to ship and no one was sure which ship it would be, ie Washington will probably only be able to reach civilians with these sanctions , the journalist pointed out.

At the moment, the United States faces a big problem, because no European country, that is, none of the NATO countries wants to be used as a shield to defend US interests, which leaves the US exposed in a potential conflict against Iran. This shows that the US today has little influence as well as few allies.

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Despite little US influence, the Iranians would fear a possible Saudi attack, as a US representative, however, it would be almost unlikely that Washington could sustain a war as it has limited support and the UK looks like a small dog. Washington, having minimal relevance to the situation.

The US and UK partnership looks good only on paper, as the British are said to have only two ships in the region, which is patrolled by Iranian vessels, a country that, by the way, has narrow-range land missiles. other side of Oman and the UAE, and has control of the waters of the region.

That way, the US-UK partnership would be just ceremonial, the journalist added.

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