WE ALREADY KNEW: Pentagon confirms it is training terrorists in Syria

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Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR) of the US-led international coalition that fought ISIS confirmed to Sputnik that the coalition is training the armed rebel group Maghawir al-Thawra.

The CJTF-OIR commented on the statement by the head of the Russian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Operational Directorate General that the US is training a large armed rebel group in Syria, emphasizing that the group was effective in combating Daesh.

The statement stated that the coalition’s partner force near Al-Tanf in Syria is Maghawir al-Thawra and that MaT has demonstrated its effectiveness in containing Daesh and maintaining security within Al-Tanf’s conflict reduction zone.

The statement explained that they will continue to train and advise coalition forces near Al-Tanf in pursuit of Daesh’s lasting defeat and to establish conditions for regional stability.

Armed rebel training

Previously, Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy said the United States was training 2,700 militants from a Syrian opposition group near the US-controlled 55-kilometer zone around its unauthorized military base in Al-Tanf, in Syria.

Rudskoy also stated that the US Air Force was helicoptering part of the militants to the east bank of the Euphrates River as it completed training.

According to the head of the Chief Operating Officer of the Russian Military Staff, the militants were charged with carrying out attacks against government forces and also destroying oil and gas infrastructure.

The US is training a large armed group of terrorists in Syria, said Sergei Rudskoy, chief of the Operational Directorate-General of the Russian Armed Forces.

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According to the chief operating officer, some of the combatants trained in the US- controlled Syrian Al-Tanf zone are being transferred in US Air Force helicopters to the Euphrates region.

The best trained saboteurs are sent to areas controlled by the Syrian government to destabilize the situation, he added.

“Their mission is to sabotage, destroy the oil and gas infrastructure and carry out terrorist actions against government units. The presence of such groups is noted in the As-Suwayda, Palmira and Al-Bukamal areas,” said Rudskoy. The total number of militants reaches 2,700, according to him.

Secret transfer of terrorists

Russian intelligence has also revealed information about the secret transfer and concentration of fighters in the southwest part of Syria’s ceasefire Idlib, and preparations are being made for an offensive.

“Intelligence is currently recording the covert transfer and concentration of fighters in the southwest part of the ceasefire zone. At least 500 terrorists from Tahrir al-Sham have been relocated from the northern parts of Idlib province. Preparations are being made for an offensive, “said Rudskoy.

In addition, according to the chief operating officer, the number of foreign-made weapons, including multiple rocket launchers, in the hands of terrorists is also increasing.

“In cooperation with our Turkish colleagues, we are taking steps to identify and eliminate terrorist equipment, weapons and ammunition depots,” he added.

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