Zelensky’s Progressivist Celebration of Ukraine’s 28th ‘Independence’ Day (VIDEO)


KIEV – There were white dresses instead of vyshyvankas (Ukrainian and Belarussian embroidered shirt, an essential part of their national costumes), and the anthem was preceded by rap songs. On the 28th anniversary of its “independence”, Ukraine seems to have done everything to mark the date in a new way. Apart from the processions of Neo-Nazis and radicals, the idea was a “success”. Even in his speech, Vladimir Zelensky tried to abandon the cliches, never mentioning Russia.

The Ukrainian President even mentioned milestones which don’t really have much to do with Ukraine, which never existed before 1991, such as the Christianization of the Kievan Rus’, although the country itself was known either as just Rus’ or Russia. He soon jumped back to 1991, bragging about trivial, even mildly embarrassing things such as Ukrainians being among the first to wait in lines for McDonald’s, and “waiting for the Armageddon in 2000, and surviving it the next day”. Obviously, this is a clear indication that there’s nothing else to mention about Ukraine’s history, simply because there isn’t one.

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