MAJOR: New Evidence on US Arms Supplies to Terrorists Emerge (VIDEO)


SOFIA – The United States is using CIA-operated private companies to buy weapons in Bulgaria and Serbia and then supplies the acquired weapons to terrorists in Yemen and Syria under the cover of a NATO operation. That’s what a group of independent Bulgarian journalists found out. How does the scheme of supporting the so-called “rebels” work?

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WAR with Evgeny Poddubny is a Russian TV show about how current conflicts are made, about wars that have ended, those which are still in progress or will start soon. The show took notice of independent Bulgarian journalist’s findings on the American government’s acquisition of weaponry in Eastern European countries. The weapons end up in the hands of various terrorist groups (so-called “democratic opposition”) in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere around the world, although mostly in the troubled Middle East. Earlier, many experts just assumed it was happening, but now they have strong evidence to support the claims.


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