Albania attempts to linguistically erase Greek in occupied Northern Epirus


PHOINIKIS, Occupied Greece – In Albania, police authorities in May lowered bilingual signs in Greek villages in the municipality of Phoinikis in occupied northern Epirus.

The Greek National Minority in Albania is already reacting strongly to the downing of Greek signs by official state authorities.

These signs had been placed just a few days before.

Argyrokastro Highway Maintenance crews took police action at midnight by wheeling down the signs on the main streets of Phoenikis.

There were fierce protests by the Greek minority of the villages. In the village of Krania a clash between police and villagers broke out.

Authorities reportedly lowered the plates on the grounds that the names of the villages were first written in their indigenous Greek names and then in the occupying Albanian language, triggering protests by Albanian media.

So far there has been no official government position on the issue in Tirana.

Announcement of Youth of Northern Epirus:

Announcement issued by the Youth of Northern Epirus, in which it describes the events:

“Like thieves, early in the morning on Sunday 5/5/2019, Albanian police officers from Tirana came to the heart of the National Greek Minority, in the municipality of Phoenikis in Northern Epirus (numbering about 60 Greek villages), to seize the signs.

“By 5am, residents were fighting to block more than 30 police officers, who were cutting the signs.

They even threatened to arrest Greek residents if they did not leave.

“This action has been added to dozens of incidents of terrorism in [occupied] Northern Epirus in recent years by the most anti-Hellenic Albanian government of recent years in Albania.

“The government staff consists mainly of people of common criminal law, criminals, mobsters and drug traffickers, with the opposition descending on the streets and demanding his release and democratic elections, is once again trying to disorient the Albanian public by creating tensions.

As he did 6 months ago, when the biggest drug trafficking scandal touched Eddie Rama himself and his associates, to disorient Albanian public opinion he gave political orders to the brutal murder of our hero K compatriot an event that plunged the EEU and overshadowed Greek-Albanian relations.

“We saw it a few years ago also in the Municipality of Himara where for the erection of bilingual signs the then Mayor Himara Vasilis Bolanos was dragged into the Albanian courts, with the Greek State and the International Organizations remaining once again in the role of spectator without acting respect for the human rights of the Greek population in the region.

“They kill us, rob us of our homes, our land, terrorize us, drive us out of our land.

It is enough, the patience is over!

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